Now! Wartime Contingency Enplanement Forecasts!
With the sudden changes in air transportation due to the Ukraine situation, all bets may be off when it comes to enplanement forecasts for USA airports. Oil is over $100... the economics of small jets are in a tailspin... airline route and market strategies will change accordingly.

The current Airports:USA contingency forecast, based on known and expected changes driven by the fallout of the Ukraine war, is contemplating a hit to enplanements of between 10% to 15% compared to prewar forecasts.

Every airport will be affected differently... and Airports:USA will deliver a 12-month forecast along with the dynamics each airport needs to address. Give us a call or email and we can outline how we can put a specific forecast together for your airport, along with an unvarnished outline of the challenges ahead.

The New Source of Airport Data & Trend Analysis

Airports:USA is the tool that aviation planners need to address the air transportation industry of today.

Historical enplanement data, current trends, and independent up-to-date year by year forecasts, too. No other source is this comprehensive and this authoritative.

Data covers 172 of the nation's airports, responsible for over 97% of all traffic. Historical annual enplanements as well as the only independent forecasts accomplished in the private sector, with no outside intervention. Just the direct data, based on our exclusive forecast methodology.

Forecasts are updated monthly, based on air traffic dynamics - not obsolete mathematical formulas.
Airports:USA delivers tables and data that are up to date, and you have the option of downloading data for further analysis.

Airports:USA is the only independent source of airport traffic trends affecting America's airports, free of both political intervention and outdated forecast methodologies. Airports:USA is updated monthly - not annually - giving members the latest data to plan in the new post-Covid environment.

Our objective is to bring to bear the true dynamics that will shape enplanement demand at airports across the nation, based on known and researched trends. You can now analyze your airport's future, based on objective, real-world methodologies.

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Short-Term Forecasts

Airports:USA provides members with updated short-term (12-month) projections, based on analyses of key traffic drivers at airports across the nation. No other source is this current.


Long Term Forecasts

Long-term forecasts provide a clear view of the traffic expected, based on methodologies that reflect the real-world of air transportation.

Forecasts For 168 Airports

Real-world categorization that accurately reflects how airlines operate, not outdated FAA "hub" classifications. These airports represent over 97% of all US enplanements.

Now! Quarterly Enplanement & Trend Forecasts

Forecasts for your specific airport... and not just data, but including live, on-line meetings with you and your staff to explore the future and explore emerging trends! Four quarterly reports, and each delivered and discussed with BGI staff.
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