A Forecast Planning System
Designed For Today’s Airports & The New Airline Industry

The Quarterly Outlook provides The Information & Insight airports need NOW to navigate the future… key trend and enplanement projections, every quarter…

And it’s not a static “report” – it’s delivered directly to you and your staff via live, on-line interactive discussion sessions… where BGI staff can outline the key points, and all can discuss potential future planning!

Data and Forecast Insights – Locally and Nationally… Understanding The Dynamics… Including:

Your Airport’s Short-Term Forecast. We compare our Airports:USA® forecast for your airport, for each of the future 12 months and relate it to historical monthly enplanement going back to 2015. Trends are easily seen, and discussed;

National Short-Term Forecast. We accomplish the same template for the national airport enplanement situation, again with incisive discussion point


Pre-Covid Comparisons. Because 2019 was the last normalized year before the pandemic, we relate monthly historical enplanements, and the future 12 months of forecast enplanement to what was experienced at your airport compared to 2019.

Unlike FAA forecasts, the Quarterly Outlook reflects the real structure of the air transportation industry and the wide range of drivers that are responsible for enplanement growth or decline. And unlike FAA forecasts, the Quarterly Outlook is based on forecast methodologies that are not founded on the pre-deregulation airline industry.

Airline & Consumer Trends Shift Constantly The QO Keeps You Ahead. Every quarter, you receive not only a comprehensive, month-by-month enplanement forecast for the following 12 months, but also you get the unparalleled trend analyses of Boyd Group International, specific to your airport! We cover future emerging trends, not rehash past data, and we do it via live on-line discussion meetings directly with you, not static reports. Your input is valuable and at BGI, we discuss and review all aspects of the future.

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A one year subscription – four quarterly reports & analyses – is $4,950, including access to BGI staff for discussion, and the quarterly on-line meetings.

Upon subscription, you get your airport’s QO report for the current quarter immediately.

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Why You Need The Airports:USA Quarterly Outlook

The Quarterly Outlook program keeps our subscribers updated on future changes in the air transportation industry as they will affect the nation and their individual airports.

Professional Analyses. Every quarter, the QO includes Boyd Group International’s review of incumbent airline strategies and fleet applications, discussion of how each may affect future schedule capacity, and illumination of known and expected events locally, regionally, and nationally that may affect the airport.

We also discuss overall industry trends, such as known and expected strategy shifts at airline systems, the national trends, and updates on issues important to airports and air service access.

A  Forecast and Planning Tool. Delivered to you every quarter with the latest enplanement projections and discussions of the dynamics affecting your specific airport! We cover the dynamics that you need to consider in all aspects of airport planning – from enplanement trends to facility considerations based on changes in airline fleets.

Get with the future. Get the Quarterly Outlook for your airport from Boyd Group International!