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Long-term airport planning starts with now… accurately anticipating change is the difference between assuring an airport meets the future, or finds itself mired in the past. The air transportation industry in the USA has been fundamentally changed from what was in place in 2019. Therefore the basic foundations of how airports need to address the future have changed, also.

From The Industry Experts In Aviation Forecasting. Boyd Group International is the leader in aviation forecasting. The Airports:USA system has been in place since 1992, and it is the only forecast source accomplished independently in the private sector, covering on-going traffic trends for 168 airports, which account for over 95% of all passenger traffic. We do not rely on FAA data, because their methodology assumes that air traffic is merely the outcome of economic factors. Today, there are many other dynamics that drive enplanement volume at individual airports.This is the reason airports subscribe to the Airports:USA Short Term Forecast program. It is the only independent professional source of airport enplanements that addresses the rapid changes taking place due to CCP-Covid effects on the role of air transportation, and airline industry shifts to accommodate them.

As airport planners know, these changes now come quickly and can shift air service levels rapidly. The key is understanding airline industry strategies and corporate shifts to accommodate a new consumer base. In the next 18 months, it will be these dynamic – specific to airline decisions that will determine how airports need to shift all areas of future planning.

Today, airlines are working to restructure to accommodate a post-Covid economy. The continuing volatile structural changes seen in the airline industry have made past forecast methodologies completely obsolete. Identifying and understanding the changes that will take place in the near term is the foundation of planning for the long term.

U.S. airlines have all indicated that they intend to be smaller than planned before the Covid pandemic, and they are making fundamental changes in route planning. Southwest, which two years ago indicated little interest in new domestic cities, has opened more than a dozen in 2020, although with the announced plan not to materially add aircraft to ifs fleet.. Delta and American have already dropped some domestic and international markets. Some planned additions of CRJ-900s by American appear to be in question.

ULCCs, which have a different model than traditional airline systems, are now moving aggressively to capture discretionary dollars in an economy with different spending habits from just a year ago.

The challenge for airport planning is to understand how these changes – which can evolve and even reverse very rapidly – will manifest in enplanements and air service levels.

Monthly Forecast Updates – Reflecting New Airline Planning Directions

The air transportation industry and the consumer economic factors that were in place pre-Covid are now gone.

The Airports:USA Short Term Forecasts reveal past enplanement history, to deliver a clear perspective of the changes that the new environment will represent. In addition, the experts at Boyd Group International provide professional insights regarding known and expected strategy and fleet shifts affecting your airport. Other sources merely trend line the past, assuming that pre-Covid demand patterns are still in place.

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Airports:USA is the only source that monitors airline trends – capacity, route decisions, stated strategies, and more. From these and other inputs, we generate a clear, explained and understandable forecast for our airport clients.

Airline capacity and scheduling is now based on rapidly-evolving and uncertain changes in the air transportation system. With an Airports:USA Short-Term Forecast Enplanement subscription, every month, the team at Boyd Group International will provide an updated forecast and discussion of the trends facing your specific airport.

Plus, a basic 6-month subscription to Airports:USA Short Term Forecasts costs a fraction of another traditional “leakage study” which only considers past data reflecting an airline industry system that no longer exists.

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