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You’ll have access to forecasts and historical enplanements for 168 airports, each updated throughout the year.

You can query both Short-Term and Long Term databases, create reports and graphs for single and multiple airports, and download them to Excel (.csv) or pdf formats.

For strategic planning, Airports:USA® delivers the complete competitive picture for airports across the nation. When events in the industry – airline strategies, new fleets, competitive events in a given region, etc., take place, Airports:USA® is immediately reviewed.

A full year of access to Airports:USA® is just $5,150 – that’s including all of the above, plus your membership also includes the ability to work with Boyd Group International in specifically-tailored forecasts and other analyses as a special client, at special membership hourly rates.

Forecast Consulting Services

  • Short-Term & Long-Term Airport-Specific Enplanement & Trend Forecasts
  • Specific Market & Air Carrier Forecasts
  • Master Plan Forecasts

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