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Airports:USA is unique. We’ve been accomplishing independent, updated airport enplanement and trend forecasts since 1992. Professional data, with no political or other intervention – the type of hard direct data airports and aviation experts demand.

We refer to it as a subscription/membership, because it delivers on-going access to the forecast expertise of Boyd Group International. Take a look at what membership delivers. And we’d be happy to send you a current short-term forecast for you airport, just to get a feel for all that Airports:USA offers. Click here.

Airports:USA delivers professional up-dated enplanement forecasts that reflect the future… Major changes that affect your airport take place with lightning speed. As a member, your are kept informed regarding air service events and trends affecting your airport, your region, and across the nation.

  • Short term enplanement and trend projections, reflecting the latest changes in aviation and air service dynamics – for your airport. Plus, for the nation and for each of the 168 airports in the program. You can explore projected traffic shifts across the nation!
  • Long-term projections and discussions of the expected dynamics that will be driving them.
  • Updates throughout the year, members access a proprietary web page covering the latest shifts expected in airline and consumer trends.

  • Historical and forecast enplanement data for each airport. Compare your airport to others and to the nation… compare regions… download the data for further analysis.
  • Forecast methodologies that reflect the real-world air transportation system. The FAA and traditional “mechanical” methodologies completely ignore airline strategies and consumer demand shifts. Airports:USA encompasses the actual factors that drive enplanement shifts at each airport.

But Airports:USA Also Delivers Expertise, Analyses & Insight

You’re Part of Our Team, And Communication Channels Are Open. We are all aviation professionals, and professionals work together. That’s why we call this a subscription/membership because it delivers access to the BGI team for reasonable ad hoc discussions, advice and industry insight via telephone, email and even a short teleconference meeting. Got a challenge, a question or an insight to discuss? Members have access.

Forecast Trends Update. What the numbers represent is critical to aviation planning. So, Subscriber/Members have access to an exclusive on-line page at that consistently updates and explores the latest trends and emerging dynamics that will affect how, where, and when air transportation volume will shift. Log on frequently – aviation is moving at warp speed. There is no other such resource in aviation.

Access To Boyd Group International’s weekly Touch & Go perspectives factsletter. We outline key issues that are pointers for future aviation planning. The objective is to explore disruptive trends and emerging dynamics.

Forecast Issues & Trends Webinars. In 2022, we’ll be scheduling brief, cutting edge webinars to illuminate trending and episodic aviation issues. Get ready to discuss and explore the future with your colleagues.

Get ahead of the future. A full-year on-line access subscription membership is $5,150… and it represents an information tool available 24/7 that keeps your airport planning ahead of the future.

Try It Out! For a free current Short-Term forecast for your airport, just click here and request it.

But remember, it’s just the latest forecast – changes take place on a consistent basis. And, with the membership, you get the insights behind the numbers.

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