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Since 1992, Airports:USA® has been the only airport enplanement forecasts and trend analyses produced independently entirely within the private sector.

As the leading aviation research and forecast team, Boyd Group International realized that traditional government sources of forecast data were substantially unreliable. And, we found that the methodologies used by the FAA and other sources were increasingly obsolete and inaccurate within a consolidating airline system. In some cases, we found raw political intervention to support pet projects.

In the private sector, most forecast sources were the result of specific one-off projects, and in many cases were little more than concocted advocacy documents, engineered to assure the outcome the client was paying for.

A better source was needed. An independent source. One that recognized the true emerging dynamics facing airports across the nation, and could identify emerging trends quickly and accurately.

Airports:USA® is the result. In addition to total national projections, it provides individual, airport-by-airport forecasts for 148 of the nation’s largest airports, which by themselves generate more than 95% of all US enplanements.. And, this is the only source that is updated monthly to reflect changes in traffic, capacity and airline strategies.

Why Airports:USA® is better:

  • No political intervention, which is sometimes the case with FAA forecasts or with projections done by consultants hired by the cities or airports involved. 
  • Completely independent – we focus on hard market and industry data – and publish our findings as-is, where is.
  • Comprehensive – reviews of key economic, demographic and airline industry trends. Boyd Group International is the leading aviation forecasting firm – and we bring this wide expertise to bear in projecting traffic trends at airports across the nation. 
  • Reflective of The Real Aviation Environment. Airports:USA® forecasts are the only enplanement projections that are on-line and updated throughout the year. When an event takes place, or is expected to take place, that will affect enplanements at a given airport, the forecast is updated. 

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Airports:USA® is a federally-registered trademark of Boyd Group International, Inc. The data and information herein are based on professional analyses, but due to the nature of the subject matter, the are no guarantees expressed or implied regarding the future accuracy of this data.